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Willow Wise Woman


Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Jeanne Grimes. During my shamanic training, my spirit guides gave me the name, Willow Wise Woman. As a shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master and psychic/medium, I use my abilities to communicate with both the physical and spiritual worlds to bring healing and guidance to people, animals and the planet. My mission is to be of service to others.


Services & Ceremonies

I incorporate various healing modalities to benefit people on the physical, emotional and psychological levels. My personal sessions often include a mix of shamanic techniques, Reiki healing, drumming, rattling and tuning forks. The use of soul retrievals, cord cutting, ancestral healing and compassionate depossession often bring healing to the deep-seated, hidden issues that plague so many people today. As a psychic/medium, I receive loving messages from both your loved ones who have passed,  your pets, your angels and guides, and from Spirit. View the 'Services' page for more details.

Ceremonies are important rituals that allow us to release the past and embrace new beginnings. I would be honored to conduct a sacred ceremony to help you transition to new phases of your life. See the 'Ceremonies' page for more details.


  • Author - Published my book, 'I Painted the Light, Using Spirituality to Heal from Childhood Sexual Abuse.'

  • Workshop facilitator and public speaker. I love to share my knowledge and abilities with others. Please contact me about speaking at your facility or event.

  • Artist

    • Hand-forged, copper jewelry (Visit my Etsy store!) 

    • Spirit Dolls

    • Custom dreamcatchers and natural wall hangings

    • Stained glass


 Please contact us for any questions

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