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Willow Wise Woman

About Me

I was born a coal miner's daughter in Uniontown, PA. My family moved to Ohio when I was two years old after the coal mines closed. My two younger brothers and I enjoyed camping & water skiing vacations with extended family throughout my childhood. I'm sure this contributed to my love of nature. I currently live on a beautiful lake in North Canton, Ohio with my cat, Maggie. 


My work history includes many years of teaching Mathematics to students at the middle school, high school and college level. I've also taught GED and college-prep classes with several social service agencies, plus facilitated after-school programs for at-risk teens through the Department of Labor. My career also includes several years in the corporate world performing software training and writing technical documentation. 

My first mystical experiences happened as a child. I would have out-of-body experiences when being sexually abused by my father where I flew with the angels and floated among the orbs. I also had many deja- vu experiences while traveling with my family recalling past lives. I often corrected and challenged my Sunday School teachers in the Baptist church and questioned the minister's teachings. I grew up being a 'sensitive' in a family that knew nothing about the paranormal world.

In 2012, I published my book, I Painted the Light, Using Spirituality to Heal from Childhood Sexual Abuse. It describes my healing journey when suppressed memories of my 10+ years of sexual abuse surfaced in my early thirties. I share the meditations, affirmations, inspirational writings and angelic guidance used to restore my soul. My shamanic training started in 2013 and I have been seeing clients for the past several years. I offer workshops in 'Healing from Sexual Abuse' with a licensed counselor where we combine shamanic healing, art therapy and cognitive therapy to provide guidance and healing to victims of childhood sexual abuse. Books can be purchased on Amazon.  For autographed copies, please email me at

Core Belief

I believe that our bodies and environment are affected by unseen forces in the spirit world. As a shamanic practitioner, I use my abilities to see and hear those energies and entities in the spirit world to help heal the physical problems and emotional discomfort of others. These same abilities allow me to clear negative entities from people, homes and businesses.

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