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Willow Wise Woman

Websites & Books

Recommended Websites:



Recommended Books:

  • Robert Alcorn, MD – Healing Stories: My Journey from Mainstream Psychiatry Toward Spiritual Healing

  • Carlos Castaneda - The Teachings of Don Juan, Magical Passes: The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico, The Wheel of Time: Shamans of Ancient Mexico

  • Tom Cowan - Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life, Fire in the Head

  • Jeanne Grimes (Brooks) – I Painted the Light, Using Spirituality to Heal from Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Michael Harner - The Way of the Shaman, Cave and Cosmos

  • Sandra Ingerman  - Awakening to the Spirit World, Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval

  • Denise Linn  - Sacred Space, Kindling the Native Spirit

  • Eileen McKusick – Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

  • Robert Moss – Conscious Dreaming, Dreaming the Soul Back Home

  • Evelyn Rysdyk – Spirit Walking, Shamanic Tools, The Norse Shaman

  • Diane Stein – Essential Reiki

  • Jose Stevens – Secrets of Shamanism, Awaken the Inner Shaman

  • Barbara Stone – Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present

  • Alberto Villoldo – Shaman-Healer-Sage, One Spirit Medicine, The Four Insights

  • Hank Wesselman – The Bowl of Light, Spiritwalker, Medicinemaker, Visionseeker


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