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Testimonials - What people say!

Willow Wise Woman

DK, Massillon, OH

Soul Retrieval

I took my granddaughter to see shamanic practitioner, Jeanne Brooks Grimes. My granddaughter had been going thru some teenage angst due to her parent's divorce and was cutting herself with a razor. Jeanne did a soul retrieval for her and brought back several soul parts that had left due to the trauma she was feeling.


One missing piece was from when she was in kindergarten and the teacher convinced her parents to have her repeat kindergarten due to her very shy personality. My granddaughter would always talk about this throughout the years and it wasn't until Jeanne found the soul piece, that it made sense. She always talked about it, which can be a sign of soul loss, because it had traumatized and embarrassed her. Something seeming not such a big trauma to adult eyes, but to her it had been. Several other soul pieces were returned from other traumatic situations, as well.


As time went on she went thru ups and downs, but she is in high school now, getting A's and B's, and the cutting has stopped! I am very grateful for Jeanne's shamanic skills. 

HG, Chillecothe, OH

Shamanic Journey, PTSD

I believe in the work Jeanne is called to do. She assists people to learn how to heal themselves. Healing from PTSD has very much been an internal journey, and I appreciate Jeanne's guidance and shamanic journey to help me find my spirit guides along the way.

I had 2 sessions with Jeanne and they both were eye openers for me. I learned a lot about myself and also heard from loved ones who had passed on. One session was a chakra healing session and the other one a combination of Reiki, tuning forks and the Mermet pendulum. Jeanne just customized the sessions to my needs and I loved the fact that we even recorded one, so I can go back and listen to it again. Jeanne is a wonderful healer and practitioner with so many gifts!

AW, North Canton, OH

Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Tuning Forks

DN, Alliance, OH

House Clearing & Compassionate Depossession

For years my husband had been burdened with the feeling of a dark entity or demon that has been following him through his life. There were nights he would sleep in his truck, could not sleep at all and always felt the sense of rage. He would always see things and feel things that people could not understand. He lived with it for many years until it began attacking him more frequently, plus it was affecting our children and our relationship. He contacted Jeanne Brooks and her husband, Wayne. They came to our house to do a cleansing ritual of our home. We discovered that not only my husband, but also our two children are also very sensitive to the things that are going on. My son had bouts of rage and sleepless nights. My daughter for a very long time was silent, but began telling us about a strange dark shadow that was making itself known to her to the point where it would leave her almost paralyzed in her bed.


Through the rituals and prayers that Jeanne gave us, we were able to understand the problem and clear our home and my husband of the demons that have been following him for years. She explained the process in a way that my children could understand and not be afraid. She also empowered me and my family and gave us the tools to rid our life of this dark presence that has been burdening my husband and family. Wayne led my husband during this process and he was finally able to face the demon that has been torturing him.


Through the weeks following Jeanne kept in contact with our family letting the kids know that they both have spiritual guides. She gave them both details of their Guardian Angels and had the kids draw the representation of what they look like. They both continue to keep them posted on the walls in their bedrooms which I feel gives them a sense of peace. As for myself I see my home as a brighter and happier place.


A few months later we were still noticing some small things in the house and contacted Jeanne again. She and Wayne did not hesitate to come back out to the house. During this visit we discovered that our home and property was a passage for slaves on the Underground Railroad many years ago. In order to guide the spirits away from our home and continue them on their journey, Jeanne suggested building a small log home (ours is out of Lincoln logs) and put it on a spot on our property with a light to divert the spirits there. We have not had an incident in our home since.


We are so glad that Jeanne  and Wayne came into our lives. We are now educated. We are now free. We will always consider them our friends and a part of our family.

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