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Ceremonies are sacred rituals used by society throughout history to mark an occasion as special, solemn and important. A ceremony is symbolic to the group attending the service as a rite of passage where there is a 'letting go' of something in the past and and a willingness to 'step into' new, life-nurturing experiences. Below are descriptions of the ceremonies I lovingly perform for my clients and community. I am also happy to design a ceremony to fit your special situation.


  • $60/hr - House Blessing

  • $100/hr - House Clearing

  • $125 - Wedding Ceremony

  • $100 - Burning Bowl Ceremony

  • $100 - Psychopomp Ceremony

To  discuss your special ceremony:

House Blessing.jpg

House Blessing - This ceremony is used to create a welcoming and comfortable environment in your home or business. It cleanses old energy that is left behind from past events or people and allows new, cleaner energy to occupy the space. These Blessings are often done when you purchase a new home, start a new business or clear negative energies after a divorce or death. When I perform a House Blessing I apply strong intentions of bringing health, happiness and prosperity to your living space.

During a House Blessing I will often burn sage, sweet grass or palo santo to remove the denser energies from the air and clear the space. My Spirit Guides may also have me employ drumming, rattling, bells and chanting to clear negative energy and restore harmony within a space. A candle is often lit and a prayer is said with the family/business owner. Often members of the elemental kingdom appear and have messages for members of the household. Each ritual is slightly different as Spirit guides me to conduct the ceremony that is best for bringing greater peace of mind and serenity to your home or business.

Fees may vary depending on distance traveled.


House Clearing - This ceremony is more involved than a House Blessing. If you feel your house is occupied by earthbound spirits (ghosts) or negative entities, special care must be taken to rid your home/land of these unwanted guests. I usually have a phone conversation with the client before the actual Clearing to find out what activity you are experiencing. 

During a House Clearing I will often burn sage, sweet grass or palo santo to remove the denser energies from the air and clear the space. My Spirit Guides help me remove any entities living in your home. Each House Clearing is slightly different, so the time frame needed may vary. 

Fees vary depending on distance traveled and the ability of the person to pay.

Wedding Icon.jpg

Wedding Ceremony - Rev. Jeanne Grimes is a licensed wedding officiant in the State of Ohio. As an interfaith minister I will help you design a beautiful, customized ceremony to reflect your love. Weddings can be a large, formal gala, a small, intimate gathering of friends and family, or just the two of you. Create loving vows to reflect your religious beliefs, spiritual traditions or have a simple civil ceremony.


Ceremonies for both traditional and LGBT marriages are welcome. Rates start at $125 depending on venue and distance from my home. Contact me at for more details.


Burning Bowl Ceremony - This ceremony gives us the chance to release unwanted conditions in our life to the fire and make room for new beginnings. Burning Bowl Ceremonies are often held to celebrate a new beginning or designate a significant change in our situation. A few examples of these ceremonies include:

  • New Year - As we leave behind those things that no longer serve us, the New Year gives us the opportunity to create a new vision for the coming year.

  • Solstice and Equinox - We celebrate the changing of the seasons. For example, just as Winter brings the part of the life cycle that compels us to look at our core, to look at the “bare branches,” we take inventory of ourselves and make adjustments. We celebrate our growth, then set our intentions for the next quarter/season.

  • Death/Divorce/Separation - As we lovingly acknowledge the loss of a person, relationship, job, etc., we set our sights on what we now want to co-create with Spirit in our future.

Rose Quartz Crystal-1.jpg

Psychopomp Ceremony - As a trained psychopomp, I lead deceased, earthbound spirits into the Light. I conduct sacred psychopomp ceremonies along with my helping spirits on a quarterly basis at Merging Hearts Holistic Center (  Those in attendance at these ceremonies, called Spirit Depots, drum, rattle and chant as I open a portal and escort lost souls to the Light. If you feel there are numerous earthbound spirits (ghosts) on your land or in your home/office, contact me about conducting a ceremony on your site.

I also work closely with my ex-husband, Wayne Brooks, on The Rose Quartz Project. The mission of this project is to help earthbound spirits worldwide return to Source. You can take part in this mission by placing rose quartz crystals in cemeteries, battlegrounds, sacred sites, etc. Visit for more details.

To discuss your special ceremony:

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